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SEA Dragsvik

Last modified: 14 Mar 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Finland   

Latitude: 59° 59' 2" N     Longitude: 23° 29' 9" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Navy Dragsvik. The Nyland Brigade is an active and developing training centre within the naval forces with focus on amphibious functions. Troops trained by the Nyland Bde are equivalent to Naval Infantry operating in the border area between mainland and sea.

- Nyland Brigade, consisting of a Headquarters, 2 Battalions and a Logistics Centre.

The Battalions are the Vasa Coastal Jaeger Battalion and the Ekenäs Coastal Battalion. The latter administrates the Amphibious School, which also provides international training. Conscripts who are given the possibility of choosing the international course can participate in international exercises, which provide them with the necessary prerequisites to take part in tasks within crisis management and peacekeeping.
There are approximately 1,000 conscripts serving at the Nyland Brigade, of which one per cent are women.

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