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USAr Pershing HQ - Neu Ulm

Last modified: 31 Dec 2016, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Bav

Locale: Wiley and Nelson

Latitude: 48° 22' 44" N     Longitude: 10° 0' 37" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Neu Ulm, former US Army Wiley Barracks.
- US-Pershing 2 HQ 1st Batn 9th Field Arty Regt; A,B,C & D btry 1986
- later 81st Field Arty Regt.
- 55th Maintenance Batn B company
- 38th Signal Batn B company

Former Nelson Bcks was at grid 4823'23"N 10 1'2"E
- 55th Maintenance Batn HHC & D company
- 2nd Batn 4th Security Inf HHC & B company

Accident in Waldprechtsweier! (grid 4851'40"N 819'43"E) In November 1982 a missile convoy (12 trucks and 3 nuc missiles) left Neu-Ulm in a night exercise. Moving on the K3549 at Waldprechtsweier, a driver from one of the missiletransporters lost control, rammed parked vehicles, houses and killed a civilian who drove by. 4 other trucks in the convoy were seriously damaged and in the same night the complete village was evacuated. After salvaging the damaged warhead and trucks the inhabitants were allowed back into their homes.

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Wiley layout
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