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WW2 Vienna Stiftskaserne, Augarten & Arenbergpark

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Country: Austria   

Latitude: 48° 12' 5" N     Longitude: 16° 21' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Flak strongholds V, VII and VIII


Vienna Stiftskaserne: Flakturm V; secondary tower at 48°11'51"N 16°21'10"E
Flakturm VII Augarten at grid 48°13'32"N 16°22'23"E; secondary tower at grid 48°13'40"N 16°22'41"E
Flakturm VIII Arenbergpark at grid 48°11'55"N 16°23'34"E; secondary tower at grid 48°11'53"N 16°23'26"E

Flaktowers were used by Nazi Germany’s luftwaffe, to counter airborne allied forces.
Anti-aircraft warfare requires some serious artillery power so these blockhouses were equipped with at least 8x 128 mm guns, with a range of 14 km, and up to 32x 20 mm guns covering 360 degrees.
With so much firepower and 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, it’s easy to see why allied aircraft avoided them!
The towers were able to sustain an 8,000 rounds per minute rate of fire.
Thousands of people sheltered in flak towers during air raids. . .
Because the massive towers were difficult to disassemble, most were left to bare witness to the restoration of the war-ravaged landscapes that surrounded them. Today most of Vienna's inhabitants say they don't know where these concrete things were being used for or they simple deny it. Pity them!

Augarten firecontrol
Augarten battletower http//
Arenbergpark firecontrol
Arenbergpark battletower
Stiftskaserne firecontrol
Stiftskaserne battletower
Flak towers

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Upgraded to LGM-30G Minuteman III in 1973/1974 and operational ever since!

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