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Army Swan Island

Last modified: 11 Aug 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: Australia    Region: VIC

Latitude: 38° 14' 43" S     Longitude: 144° 41' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: Training facility SF / ASIS


Swan Island, Victoria.
Department of Defence does not discuss what currently goes on at the Island. Any information on the facility, aside from its history, is not found on any government website so lots of things are unknown. Current use includes an exercise area where Australia's Special Forces carry out counter terrorism training. It has been described as a finishing school for learning "non-gun stuff". The base is also shared with the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Although the exact nature of ASIS's activities on the island is undisclosed, newspapers reported that Swan Island is a finishing school for counter-insurgency and guerrilla warfare operatives, that SAS and Australia's overseas spies from ASIS conduct joint exercises and that it is also used for weapons and counter insurgency training and briefings.The base includes a small demolition range used by the Australian Army.

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