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GRND Sydney

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Country: Australia    Region: NSW

Latitude: 33° 55' 41" S     Longitude: 151° 14' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Groundforces Sydney
- Forces Command, a 3 star general command directly under the Chief of Army based at Victoria Bcks.. Forces Cmd was established in 2009 with the amalgamation of Land Command and Training Command,
-- Regional Force Surveillance Group
-- 8th Signal Regiment
-- 9 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery

- Hq 2nd Division. A 2 star general command supervising 4th Reserve Brigade, 5th Reserve Brigade, 8th Training Brigade, 9 Reserve Brigade, 11th Reserve Brigade and 13th Reserve Brigade

Under 1st Div command
- 39th Operational Support Battalion

Under 16th Aviation Bde command
- 6th Aviation Regiment

Under 6 Combat Support Brigade command
-- Hq 6th Combat Support Brigade
-- 19 Chief Engineer Works

Under 17 Sustainment Bde command
-- Hq 17th Sustainment Brigade
-- 145th Signal Squadron
-- 1st Close Health Battalion
-- 1st PsyOps Unit

Under 5th Reserve Brigade command
-- Hq 5th Brigade
-- 1/15 Royal Nw South Wales Lancers
-- 2/17 Royal Nw South Wales Regiment
-- 4/3 Royal Nw South Wales Regiment
-- 5 Engineers Regiment
-- 5 and 8 Combat Service Support Battalions

Under 8 (Training) Brigade command
-- Hq 8 Training Bde
-- Sydney University Regiment
-- University of Nw South Wales Regiment
Units under Spec Ops Command:
- 1st Commando Regiment (SOF)
- 2nd Commando Regiment (SOF)
- SpecOps Engineer Regiment
- SpecOps Logistic Squadron
- SpecOps Training & Education Centre

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Glendalath, | 13. January 2021 15:52


Well, that's not very clever.

Precious Lerma, | 02. November 2019 12:54

Commando Regt

- 1 Commando Regt. (reserve) 1st Commando Regiment is an integrated unit composed of regular and reserve (part-time) soldiers. The Regimentís primary function is to provide individual commando reinforcements to the Armyís full-time Commando unit,

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