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Army Darwin (Palmerston)

Last modified: 16 Aug 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: Australia    Region: NT

Latitude: 12° 26' 42" S     Longitude: 130° 58' 26" E

Area use / Military Branches: 1st Combat Bde, subordinate units; Army Aviation


Grid 1226′42″S 13058′28″E Darwin (Palmerston) garrison. Robertson Barracks home to

  1. 1st Combat Brigade consisting of
-- Brigade HQ
-- 1st Armoured Cavalry Regt,(1 AR) Abrams main battle tanks, M-113 APC's and ASLAV light armd vehicles
-- 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regt, (mechanised infantry)
-- Artillery Regt,
-- Combat Engineer Regt,
-- Combat Service Suppt Battalion (dispersed Air Force Edinburgh)
-- Combat Signals Regt
  1. 1st Aviation Regt operating Eurocopter Tiger helicopters
--161 Sqn
--162 Sqn,
-- Log and Tech Suppt Sqns
  1. Joint Movements Control Office - Darwin
  2. Joint Logistics Unit (North)

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