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Long Binh

Last modified: 09 Jan 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Vietnam   

Latitude: 10° 54' 11" N     Longitude: 106° 52' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Former HQ II FFV, HQ 1 Avn Bde


Long Binh; grid 1054'11"N 10652'0"E.

Former HQ US Army II Field Force Vietnam a corps level command during the Vietnam war controlling
1st, 9th and 25th Infantry Divisions; 101st Airborne Division; 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile); 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division; 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division; 173rd Airborne Brigade; 196th Light Infantry Brigade; 199th Light Infantry Brigade; 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment; 12th Combat Aviation Group; 23rd Artillery Group; 54th Artillery Group; 53rd Signal Battalion; 1st Australian Task Force; and Royal Thai Army Volunteer Force

Former HQ 1st Aviation Brigade 1966 -1973. At its peak strength, the 1st AVN BDE had over 4,000 rotary and fixedwing aircraft and 24.000 personnel assigned .The organization became so large that the Brigade was reorganized into Aviation Groups.

Units deployed:
- 11th Group (71-73) with - 223rd Battalion incl -- 48th, 116th, 173rd Assault Helicopter Coys and 478th Heavy Helicopter Coy
- 212th Battalion incl -- 21st Recon Airplane Coy, 62nd Corps Aviation Coy, 131st Surveillance Airplane Coy, 220th RAC, 282nd AHC and 213th and 228th Assault Support Helicopter Coy, 62nd CAC, A/228th ASHC, F/4th Air Cavalry, D/17th Air Cavalry, 142nd Transportation Coy, 321st Aviation Det, 519th Medical Det
12th Combat Aviation Group with 3/17th Cav, 11th, 145th, 210th, 222nd, 269th and 308th CAB
12th CAG had appx. 8500 personnel organized in battalions made up of companies. Each assault helicopter coy had appx. 20-25 choppers including troop carrying slicks and gunships for escorts and combat support. In III Corps we had major bases surrounding Saigon, within helicopter reach of the city. Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam. During this period we supported the major infantry units in III Corps including the 1st Inf Div, the 25th Inf Div, 5th Special Forces, and ARVN 5th, 18th, 199th Divs. An interesting unit was 135th Assault Helo Coy, which was a combined US-Australian unit. Today the 12th CAG is redesignated 12th Aviation Brigade.
- 16th Group (67-68) with 14th and 212th CAB
- 17th Group with 7/17th Cav, 10th, 52nd, 223rd and 268th CAB
- 164th Group (71-72) with 7/1st Cav, 13th, 214th and 307th CAB
- 165th Group with- 125th Bn, 312th 366th ASD s

1st Avn Bde
17th Cav

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