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Country: Vietnam   

Latitude: 15° 11' 36" N     Longitude: 104° 53' 24" E

Area use / Military Branches: former troposcatter comms


Warin. Grid 1511'37"N 10453'23"E
Former US Army troposcatter site in the Backporch sytem.
Linked up to Phu Mu in the North, Da Nang in the West and Pleiku in the SouthWest.

Page Engineers was awarded a contract to install the Backporch TropoScatter System in Vietnam using USAF AN/MRC-85 equipment. The AN/MRC-85s were moved from Europe and Alaska to Vietnam. The installation was completed in 1963. Backporch interconnected Phu Lam(Saigon), Nha Trang, Qui Nhon, Da Nang, Pleiku and Ubon AB in Thailand. Quality of the many circuits in Vietnam was less than desirable sincemany circuits were extended over tactical communications systems.

In the early 1960s Collins Radio provided the Army Signal Corps with some tropo links that provided communications to the Department of the Army radio transmitter and/or receiver sites in the Washington area. Collins designed a transportable tropo terminal and they sold 6 to the Signal Corps for Vietnam. The tropo terminal, the AN/TRC-90, consisted of a single 1-kilowatt transmitter with dual diversity receivers and 15-ft antennas. The terminals were deployed to Vietnam in 1963.

AN/TRC-90 had a limited range due to antenna size, power and diversity. This caused problems in Vietnam and Collins Radio developed a 10-kilowatt power amplifier to be added to the AN/TRC-90. Collins Radio sold 6 10-kilowatt power amplifiers in shelters with trailer mounted power generators. Then Collins developed a quadruple diversity AN/TRC-90, designated the AN/TRC-132. The first AN/TRC-132s arrived in Vietnam in late 1966.

As Southeast Asia comms were growing the establishment of an Integrated Wideband Communions System(IWCS) for Southeast Asia was proposed. The system would use Philco equipment inThailand and new equipment in Vietnam which would have to be compatible with the USAF Backporch TropoScatter system previously installed in Vietnam. This led to the establishment of the IWCS

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