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Last modified: 06 May 2014, submitted by: Yuuup

Country: Poland   

Latitude: 50° 5' 16" N     Longitude: 19° 44' 21" E

Area use / Military Branches: RAT-31DL longrange radar


Brzoskwinia; 3. Sandomierski Batalion Radiotechniczny operating a longrange RAT-31 DL air surveillance radar

Polish Air Force structure has changed during the last few years and now it includes an Air Ops Centre (AOC) as well as Control and Reporting Centers (CRC). Both equipment and organisation structure of the radar forces also changed aimed at gaining interoperability with the NATO air defence system.
From 1999-2009 the radar forces reduced the number of units, equipment and personel (1 radar bde, 9 batallions and 24 companies were disbanded). The ammount of radar devices has been reduced and the old Soviet radars have been withdrawn from service.

Currently the radar forces are equipped with many types of radars. The modern ones: NUR-12M (introduced 2007) operating at long-range radar sites, as well as mobile med-range TRS-15 ODRA radars. Older devices introduced in the 1990's (NUR-12, NUR-31MK pathfinders and moblie NUR-41 highfinders). The oldest group of radars used is the AVIA W system - introduced in the beginning of the 1980's. By 2011 long-range radar sites were equipped with 3 stationary Selex RAT-31 DL units obtained within NATO funding.

Because of the proces of obsolescence, the majority of the currently operated radars are to be gradually withdrawn form service. These shall be replaced with new types of radars namely:
◾ mobile long-range WARTA radars with active solid state antenna;
◾ PCL passive devices;
◾ radars dedicated for airport airspace controle services.
As a rusult of the technical modernization, the majority of currently operated radars will be replaced by next-generation systems by 2018. The Radar Forces will then possess equipment that allows them to detect a much broader range of airborne objects, provide airspace surveillance as well as detact and track tactical ballistic missile threats. The modern radars systems shall be fully interoperational both with the national as well as Allied air control systems.

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