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1a.Commandpost Yamantaw Mtn

Last modified: 08 Jan 2021

Country: Russia   

Locale: Ural

Latitude: 54° 14' 0" N     Longitude: 58° 4' 14" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


5414'1"N 58 4'15"E Yamantaw Mountain is a command post and is assumed being one of Russia's counterparts of the US similar facilities.. Its excavation projects have been observed by US satellites in the late 1990s, during the time of Yeltsin's government after the Soviet downfall.
The Russian government released different responses in regard of Yamantaw mountain in an attempt to cover the whole thing up.:
- just a large a mining site,
- a repository for Russian treasures,
- an underground food storage area
- an underground leadership bunker in case of nuclear conflict
However in 1999 Russian military reported the facility being part of the 'perimetr' or 'dead hand' retaliatory command structure and in 2004 the facility was indeed confirmed being an underground commandpost.

More info is available at 1a.LAND - CP Kosvinsky Kamen

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