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GRND Ceuta

Last modified: 17 Feb 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Spain    Region: .

Latitude: 35° 53' 20" N     Longitude: -6° 40' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


35°53'20"N 5°19'3W Ceuta (Spanish territory in North Africa)
Acuartelamiento "Foso Almina"
- Ceuta General Cmd (a 2 star general command)
-- Hq Bn

35°54'0"N 5°20'53"W
- Cavalry Regiment "Montesa" No. 3 (Armoured Cav)
-- Armored Cavalry Group "Cazadores de África" I/3
- Tercio "Duque de Alba" No. 2 of the Legion (Armoured Inf)
-- Protected Infantry Bandera "Cristo de Lepanto" IV/2
- Regulares Group "Ceuta" No. 54
-- Motorised Inf Tabor "Tetuán" I/54

35°53'43"N 5°21'59"W
- Mixed Artillery Regiment No. 30
-- Field Artillery Group I/30 (155/52 APU-SIAC towed howitzers)
-- Anti-aircraft Artillery Group II/30 (Mistral surface-to-air missiles)

35°54'17N 5°21'4W
- Engineer Regiment No. 7
-- Sapper Bn I/7
-- Logistic Unit No. 23

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