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AT Besanšon

Last modified: 21 Feb 2016, submitted by: Vernez

Country: France    Region: Doubs

Latitude: 47° 14' 4" N     Longitude: 6° 0' 10" E

Area use / Military Branches: Hq EMF1; 19e RG; 7e BB; 7e CCT


Besanšon, Quartier Joffre at grid 47░13'44"N 6░ 0'11"E is home to several army units.
∆ Hq Etat Major de Force 1 / EMF1 (1st Division)

EMF1 chain of command: EMF1 is a 2 star general command directly under Hq French Rapid Reaction Corps. It is composed of 4 independent units:
-- Command Coy
- 19e Engineers Regiment (19e RG) with:
-- Command & Log Coy
-- 3x Combat Suppt Coy
-- Suppt Coy,
-- 2x Heavy Suppt Coy (dislocated)
-- 2x Reserve Coy.
- 1 ArtyRegt (dislocated)
- 132 Working Dog Batn (dislocated)

EMF1 is further commanding:
∆ 7th Armoured Brigade (7e BB) also based at Besanšon but at Quartier Ruty at grid 47░14'18"N 6░1'48"E This is a 1 star general cmd consisting of
-- 7th Signals & Command Coy (7e CCT)
-- 8 regiments and 2 supporting units (all dislocated over France).

∆ 9 Light Armoured Naval Infantry Brigade. A 1star general cmd with subordinate units (dislocated)
∆ 27 Mountain Infantry Brigade. A 1 star general cmd with subordinate units (dislocated)
∆ Combined French-German Brigade. A 1 star general cmd witf subordinate units (dislocated)

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