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1.Army-Upavon garrison

Last modified: 04 Jun 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Wiltshire

Latitude: 51° 17' 43" N     Longitude: -2° 13' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


5117'43"N 146'16"W. Upavon; Trenchard Lines.
Former Force Troops Command (FTC) has been renamed in 2019 as 6th (United Kingdom) Division. 6 UK Div is providing all kinds of Support to the Reaction and Adaptable Forces. and is responsible for its subordinates:

Upavon based:
- Hq 6 UK Division A 2 star general command under Commander Field Army.
-- exept for 1 I&S Bde all subordinates dislocated
- 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade a 1 star general command under 6 UK Div.
-- 2 Military Intel Battalion

- 1 Mil Intel Battalion and 5 Regiment Royal Arty (both Catterick);
- 3 Mil Intel Battalion; Honourable Arty Coy and 21 SAS reserve Regiment (all London)
- 5 Mil Intel Battalion reserve (Edinburgh)
- 14 Signal Regiment Elec Warfare (St Athan)
- 32 and 47 Regiment Roya Arty (both Larkhill)
- Land Intel Centre; Defence Cultural Spec. Unit; Spec. Grp Mil Intel reserve and Weapons Exploitation Capacity (all Hermitage);
- 23 SAS reserve Regiment (Birmingham)
- 4 Mil Intel Battalion (Bulford)
- 6 Mil Intel Battalion reserve (Manchester)
- 7 Mil Intel Battalion reserve (Bristol)

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