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1a.Commandpost Kosvinsky Kamen

Last modified: 08 Jan 2021

Country: Russia   

Locale: underground

Latitude: 59° 31' 31" N     Longitude: 59° 6' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


5931'31"N 59 6'45"E Kosvinsky Kamen military complex
A former Soviet underground command post and counterpart of the Cheyenne Mountain facility
Its basecamp is at grid 5932'2"N 59 7'22"E with several entrypoints to the facility in its direct vicinity
The facility is upgraded and still being used in 2019; it is assumed being one of the Russian "PERIMETR" (dead hand) command facilities.

(ALSO SEE: LAND- CP Yamantaw Mountain)

Q. What is the "dead hand" a.k.a. "perimetr"system?
A. A 'sleeping' automatic system which may be activated in time of crisis or at war.

Q. How is it working?
A. The system is being operated by crews of 3 military (Air, Land and Naval forces). They keep the system servicable and activate it after receipt of a coded message in time of crises. After that Perimetr detects and reacts automatically. Sensors spread out over the country would constantly be detecting for nuclear detonations. In case the Russian leadership would be incapable to react Perimetr would send a signal to several communication satellites over the Russian federation. These would relay the signal activating all remaining silo based and mobile deployed nuclear missiles.

Q. Where is it located?
A. Known command locations are the Kosvinsky Kamen and Yamantaw Mtn facilities; The sensors are located at all important military facilities spread out over the country.

Q. Are there more Russian underground command posts?
A. Yes. Known other CP's are a deep underground bunker facility beneath the Kremlin which must be equal to the one under the White House..
Then there is the Ramenki underground leadership bunker adjacent to Moscow university intended for the national command authority in wartime. Besides that one there are at least two other underground bunkers, near Voronovo and near Sharapovo.

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