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Base naval Salinas

Last modified: 18 May 2013, submitted by: Yuuup

Country: Ecuador   

Latitude: 2° 16' 3" S     Longitude: -80° 5' 34" E

Area use / Military Branches: main naval base


Ecuador main naval base Salinas. The compact Ecuadorian fleet is responsible for surveillance and protection of national maritime territory and has appx 7.500 military personnel. Its strength consists of
- 2 subs
- 2 guided msl frigates
- 6 guided msl corvettes
- 3 fast attack boats
- 6 auxiliary ships
Most ships are based around Guayaquil.

The Naval Infantry Corps was formed in 1962 and has a strength of appx.1.700 military with their HQ in Guayaquil. All units are individually spread across the naval coast of Ecuador and are equipped with infantry suppt. weapons. However, it lacks amphibious assault and sealift capacity. The Ecuadorian Naval Infantry is able to execute special ops in difficult territory. Its structure:
- Naval Infantry School
- Naval Inf security det.
- 5 Naval Inf Batallions

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