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2a.Joint Forces Davidsonville - Maryland

Last modified: 13 Dec 2018, submitted by: Captain Scarlet

Country: United States    Region: Maryland

Locale: Inland

Latitude: 38° 58' 0" N     Longitude: -77° 19' 4" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3858'1"N 7640'56"W A combined USAF/USN HF transmitter station providing HF transmitter support to various civilian and military comms. systems in the DC region, Andrews airbase and deployed military units. Transmitting secure voice and data for these
- Mystic Star Network supporting Presidential and VIP comms,
- Scope Command's Global Command and Control Communications System,
- USAF and DISA Communications Systems,

The Davidsonville site is a geographically separated unit and consists of 4 workcenters: satellite and wideband maintenance, HF global radio maintenance, antenna maintenance and power production.
The station is being operated by 844th Comms Grp / 89th Comms Sq personnel and transmits encrypted 50bd & 75bd teletype to vessels and aircraft in the mid-Atlantic on 6780, 9425kHz and others.

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