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Heer Albersdorf

Last modified: 19 Nov 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: SH

Latitude: 54° 9' 12" N     Longitude: 9° 16' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: Aufgelöst


Former Dithmarsen-Kaserne hosting
- 6 German army CBRN Coy
- 61 German army Field Arty Batn
- 110 and 610 German army CBRN Batn

1958, 61 FAB moved to Schleswig and in 1962, the 4th Battery reassigned to the M110 203mm SP howitzer becoming 'special weapons' capable. 0 1963, the battalion moved to Dithmarsen Kaserne, Albersdorf and 2nd and 3rd batteries reassigned to M107 175mm guns.
1965, 1st and 5th batteries merged as 61t FAB began to work closely with Danish forces.
1979, the battalion reorganized and was equipped with (M109) 155mm howitzers.
1982, 5th Battery converted to the M110A2 version of the 203mm SP howitzers.
1986, the battalion reorganized again all equipped with M110A2 203mm howitzers.
1992 the special weapons mission is declared completed. The battalion reorganized again losing all M110A2's and redesignated as 61 Field Artillery & Target Acquisition Battalion.

All 'specials' to be used by 61 FAB in evt WW3 were stored at SAS Kellinghusen ( 53°58'12"N 9°41'23"E) See US Army Kellinghusen for further info

Facility closed and rebuilt into an Industrial park

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