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Cam Ranh

Last modified: 07 Jan 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Vietnam   

Latitude: 11° 59' 35" N     Longitude: 109° 13' 8" E

Area use / Military Branches: Former US forces base during Vietnam war


Cam Ranh airbase built by the USN Civil Engineer Corps in 1965 and turned over to the USAF Pacific Air Forces on November 8.
Cam Ranh airbase was the major military US seaport for offloading of supplies, military equipment and as a major Naval base. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force units all had compounds and units assigned to the Cam Ranh from its opening in 1965 until its closure in 1972 as part of the drawdown of United States military forces in South Vietnam.

Cam Ranh Air Base served as a USAF tactical fighter base, the first in South Vietnam to base F-4C Phantom II tactical fighter-bombers. The base also was used as a strategic and tactical airlift facility. Cargo and personnel would arrive from the US into the logistics facilities at Cam Ranh by ship and also by large Military Air Transport Service/Military Airlift Command airlifters, and then be transferred to tactical airlift for movement within South Vietnam by the 483d Tactical Airlift Wing,

USAF units:
- 12th Tac Fighter Wing
-- 557th TFS (F-4C Tail Code: XC)
-- 558th TFS (F-4C Tail Code: XT)
-- 43d TFS (F-4C) replaced by: 559th TFS (F-4C Tail Code: XN)
- 483d Tac Airlift Wing
-- 457 Tactical Airlift (C-7A Tail Code: KA)
-- 458 Tactical Airlift (C-7A Tail Code: KC)
-- 459 Tactical Airlift (C-7A Tail Code: KE)
-- 535 Tactical Airlift (C-7ATail Code: KH)
-- 536 Tactical Airlift (C-7A Tail Code: KL)
-- 537 Tactical Airlift (C-7A Tail Code: KN)
-- Royal Australian Air Force, Transport Flight Vietnam


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