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Seongnam airbase / K-16 US army base

Last modified: 31 Mar 2016, submitted by: Joker

Country: South Korea   

Latitude: 37° 26' 34" N     Longitude: 127° 6' 46" E

Area use / Military Branches: Combined base


Seongnam airbase
- 15th Composite Wing (제15혼성비행단)
-- 237th Tactical Control Sqn flying 20 KA-1
-- 255th SpecOps Sqn flying C-130H
-- 257th Tac Air Transport Sqn flying C-130H
- 35th Combined Group
-- 296th Special Transport Sqn flying HS-748 , CN235-220M , Boeing 737-3Z6 , Sikorsky VH-60P and Sikorsky S-92
- 6th Combat Control Team/Combat SAR Group

US Army K-16 base is located at the northwest corner of Seongnam airbase at grid 3727'17"N .127 6'33"E
It's homebase of the
- 2nd Battalion (Assault), 2nd Aviation Regiment, Combat Aviation Brigade operating Apaches,
- 2nd Infantry Division

2d Avn Regt patch
2d Inf Div patch

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Brittanee Gastgeb, | 06. January 2014 15:44


My name is Brittanee Gastgeb. I am currently living in Maryland with my 17 month old son. I am single as I'm trying to have the Department of Social Services located my sons dad who is living in Seongnam, Korea as he is stationed there for the army. He is extremely behind in Child Support. His name is Evan Richey. Please contact me with further information regarding finding him. This is extremely important and I had no one else to message about this. Thank you.

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