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3.AIR Solnechnogorsk-7

Last modified: 10 Jan 2021

Country: Russia   

Locale: Moskovskaya oblast,

Latitude: 56° 14' 26" N     Longitude: 37° 0' 45" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Solnechnogorsk-7 is home to Early Warning Command.
- 820th Main Centre for Missile Attack Warning (Главный центр предупреждения о ракетном нападении (Гцпрн)

The Russian early warning network against ballistic missile attacks. HQ is in the village of Timonovo near Solnechnogorsk and part of the Space Command of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces. The centre consists of a network of early warning radar stations which transmit their data to the control centre near Solnechnogorsk. Other information comes from the early warning Oko satellites and the Don-2N missile defence radar. Information from the centre could be used for a launch on warning nuclear missile attacks or to engage the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system.

The current Russian early warning network consists of a mix of radarstations using the Daryal (NATO: Pechora) radar system and the new Voronezh radar system. It is to be expected that the Daryal system will completely be replaced by the Voronezh system by 2020.

Daryal a.k.a. 5N79 or 90N6 is a bistatic early-warning radar from the Soviet era. Introduced 1983 and consisting of 2 separated large active phased-array antennas operating in the VHF band

Voronnezh a.k.a. 77a6 or 77Я6 is the newest EW modular phased array system. Introduced 2009 and consisting of prefabricated parts. This implies that their build-up time is in a couple of months. The system, operating in VHF and UHF band, is also modular which implies that a radarstation can be brought into (partial) operation during its build-up

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Tina, | 18. May 2016 23:04

Oh die Seite wo die

Oh die Seite wo die Soebnnnänke angepriesen wurden waren auch nicht schlecht. Wer brauchte damals schon das Internet, (wenn es denn damals so etwas gegeben hätte) wenn Mamas Katalog immer griffbereit lag?

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