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Last modified: 07 Mar 2013, submitted by: Paddy K.

Country: Ireland   

Latitude: 53° 38' 48" N     Longitude: -7° 45' 35" E

Area use / Military Branches: AD training facility


Gormanston Camp; currently used by Gormanston Camp Infantry Company for air-ground and air-defence training.
The former airfield was closed officially 2002 but it is still used extensively used for Air to Ground Firing and local army activities. Both runways at the airfield are unserviceable (originally 3 runways), however it is believed since Gormanstown tower and approach is still active, the tarmac runway of 810m X 10m is still in a good enough condition to be used in an emergency. The airfield is not officially open to the public or civilian activities. Today the AAIU (Air Accident Investigation Unit - Ireland) is based in the original Air Corps hangars on field - the RFC hangars no longer exist.

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