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WW2 Toulon

Last modified: 01 Mar 2013, submitted by: Gruell Richard

Country: France   

Latitude: 43° 6' 24" N     Longitude: 5° 55' 41" E

Area use / Military Branches: WW2 submarine base


Toulon submarine base. The harbour was occupied november 1942 by the Germans. January 1943 the navy decided to use Toulon as a U-boat base. There were no submarine bunkers in Toulon. In a meeting between the U-boat chief in Italy and the Kriegsmarine chief in Italy concerning possible transfer of 29 Flotilla from La Spezia in Italy to Toulon it was decided that for the time being Toulon was not to be prepared to host the U-boats. 3 construction phases were planned to allow anchoring of 5 U-boats and the accommodation of 450 men in the 1st phase.

In march 1943 the first U-boat sailed into Toulon harbour and at the end of the month 4 others had arrived for reparations. They used the old French Mourillon submarine base. In august 1943 the 29th Flotilla was moved from La Spezia to Toulon.

In november 1943 was the first allied bombardment on Toulon. A total of 100 B-17s damaged several U-boats. In spite of base reinforcements Toulon was bombed 12x from november 1943 - august 1944 resulting in the loss of the several U-boats..

At the end of july 29 Flotille only had 8 U-boats left; 2 of them operational. when the Allies landed in Southern France the last boats of 29 Flotille left the Toulon base..


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