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3.LAND - Alabino

Last modified: 14 Jan 2020

Country: Russia   

Locale: Moscow Military Destrict

Latitude: 55° 32' 45" N     Longitude: 36° 6' 11" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Alabino army aviation base and military complex.
The complex is currently being used for multiple porposes.
Just 0.3 Mi to the west presumably is a temporary nuclear warhead storage (doublefenced area, 2 guard towers and lighting)
0.3 Mi due north is a helicopter apron with 4 smaller dispersals. Presumably the pickup point for airligting those
0.4 Mi northeast of this point is a army garrison
Due south of here a large logistic storage area and a large helicopter platform (currently only used as an APV and truck parking)
This facility has also been used fs a drivers training facility for FSB and other Russian security personnel.

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