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9. NIKE Texas (Dyess) area

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Texas

Latitude: 32° 33' 51" N     Longitude: -100° 16' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nike AD Texas area was split up in 3 parts; the Bergstrom, Dallas/Ft Worth and Dyess air defense areas.

- The Bergstrom area with HQ Bergstrom AFB, Army units defended this SAC base and the Austin region
- The Dallas/Ft Worth area was manned Army and Army NG from 1960 to 1969. Air-Defense Command Post DF-30DC was at Duncanville AFS, TX in 1959 for Nike missile command-and-control functions and equipped with the AN/GSG-5(V) BIRDIE solid-state computer system.

- The Dyess area was to defend the SAC bombers and Atlas missile silos at and around Dyess AFB. Air-Defense Command Post was at Sweetwater AFS, TX for Nike missile command-and-control functions. The site was equipped with the AN/GSG-5(V) BIRDIE solid-state computer system and later integrated with the USAF Air Defense Command/NORAD Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) air defense radar network.

Missile sites:

  1. DY-10 Phantom Hill. IFC at 32 33′ 52″ N, 99 43′ 0″ W, LA at 32 34′ 49″ N, 99 43′ 2″ W
  2. DY-50 Abilene. IFC at 32 17′ 5″ N, 99 56′ 37″ W, LA at 32 16′ 16″ N, 99 57′ 30″ W

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