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2. AIR / AFRC / Westover airbase

Last modified: 11 May 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Massachusetts

Locale: Chicopee

Latitude: 42° 11' 47" N     Longitude: -73° 27' 47" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Westover Air Reserve Base Activated 1939 and in WW2 a base for anti-submarine operations against German U-Boats, a bomber training base and port of embarkation/debarkation. After the war a Military Air Transport Service base becomin a SAC bas as of 1955 with B-52's and KC-135's operating long distance, "great circle" route flights across the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic regions for strategic missions against the Soviet Union. Former nuclear weapon storage area (Stonybrook) at grid 4212'7"N 7230'23"W.

SAC phased down ops at Westover in 1974 as part of the drawdown of US forces after the Vietnam War and handed the base over to Air Force Reserve Cmd in 1974. Current status: Westover ARB with

- AFRC / 4th AF / 439th Airlift Wing (host) operating C-5 Galaxy aircraft
-- .439th Ops Group with 337th Airlift Squadron
-- 439th Maintenance and Mission Support Groups

- Civil Air Patrol:; Westover Composite Squadron

ARMY Reserve / 302 Maneuver Enhancement Bde

- NAV / Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 27

- MC / Marine Wing Support Sq 472, Det.
- MC /Air Support Squadron 6

DoD / Military Entry Processing Cmd / Springfield Military Entrance Processing Stn

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