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AFS Benton

Last modified: 02 Feb 2018

Country: United States    Region: Pennsylvania

Latitude: 41° 21' 27" N     Longitude: -77° 42' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


4121'27"N 7617'40"W Former AFS Benton (callsign: Oppose). Site construction 1951. Initial ops with General Electric AN/CPS-6B radar 1953 providing tracking data to Manual Air Defense Control Center.
In 1958, 26th Air Division/Syracuse Air Defense Sector's "Combat Alert Center (Manual)" at Roslyn AFS began using Benton data for manual GCI.
26th moved to Syracuse as a computerized SAGE division in 1958 but Syracuse DC with AN/FSQ-7 did not become ops until 1959.
Benton's data was initially entered in the "Manual Inputs" terminals of the Syracuse's SAGE Direction Center. Site was upgraded with a Lincoln Labs CCM-MkI Radar in the AN/FPS-35 and complemented by an Avco AN/FPS-26A and a General Electric AN/FPS-6.
By the end of 1963 Benton AFS was a joint-use site for both USAF and FAA. The FPS-35 was modified to track Cape Canaveral missile launches and Benton AFS had Backup Interceptor Control capability. An AN/FPS-8 backup search radar owned/operated by the FAA was in place by 1967, In 1974 the AN/FPS-35 was replaced, After 2001 the FAA site became part of the Joint Surveillance System and the "FPS-67B (now Common Air-Route Surveillance Radar (CARSR)

Current: FAA QRC radar facility Ricketts Glen State Park

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