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ANG Syracuse Hancock Intl. Airpt.

Last modified: 03 Dec 2015

Country: United States    Region: New York

Latitude: 43° 7' 19" N     Longitude: -77° 54' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: ANG 174th ATW; 152d AOG


43 7'20"N 76 6'0"W Syracuse Hancock airfield. Former USAF airbase (1952-1983).
- 1952 The 32d Air Division moved in and assumed responsibility for an area including Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and part of New York, using a manual control center. It also supervised construction of the SAGE blockhouses and the installation and testing of the SAGE electronic and data processing equipment which, once operational made the air defense system of 32d AD obsolete.
- 1958 Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Data (DC-03) and Combat Center (CC-01) established. SAGE was a network linking Air Force (later FAA) General Surveillance Radar stations into a centralized Air Defense, providing early warning and response for Soviet nuclear strikes. This automated system was used by NORAD for tracking/intercepting enemy bomber aircraft. Later the system could automatically direct aircraft to intercept points.
DC-03/CC-01 was initially under Syracuse AD Sector (SADS) activated in 1958. SADS was a designational of 4624th AD Wing activated at Syracuse ADS in 1956. SADS deactivated 1963 and merged with Boston AD Sector (BADS) and reassigned 35th Air Div.
- 1969, 35th AD deactivated and control went over to 21st Air Div at Syracuse AFS.
- 1979 Hancock came under Tactical Air Command (TAC) jurisdiction and both DC-03 and the 21st AD deactivated 1983 as technology advances allowed USAF to shut down SAGE and deactivate the base.

Current: SEE: Air NG New York

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