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9. NIKE Cleveland airdefense

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022

Country: United States    Region: Ohio

Latitude: 41° 32' 27" N     Longitude: -82° 22' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Cleveland Defense Area (CL): Headquarters facilities were at the Shaker Heights Armory and in Cleveland.
Sites CL-02, CL-ll, and CL-69 were converted to fire Nike Hercules missiles. Later on the Cleveland Defense Area merged with Detroit's. In 1974, the remaining Nike Hercules batteries deactivated

  1. CL-02 Bratenahl. 4132′28″N 08137′33″W, 4132′35″N 08137′37″W (triple site/car park)
  2. CL-11 Painsville. 4143′20″N 08116′27″W, 4143′39″N 08117′10″W board of engineers)
  3. CL-13 Willowick. 4137′41″N 08128′09W, 4137′53″N 08127′06″W (redeveloping)
  4. CL-34 Warrensville. 4127′08″N 08130′11″W, 4126′48″N 08129′44″W (redeveloping)
  5. CL-48 Garfields. 4124′27″N 08136′26″W, 4123′13″N 08138′01″W (board of education)
  6. CL-59 Parma. 4122′14″N 08145′40″W, 4121′52″N 08145′54″W (both redeveloped)
  7. CL-67 Lakefront. 4131′19″N 08139′55W, 4131′13″N 08140′57″W (both airport)
  8. CL-69 Fairview. 4127′06″N 08152′25″W (sports facility), 4127′11″N 08152′23″W (Sports facility)

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