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7.Florida state ArNG

Last modified: 09 Feb 2019

Country: United States    Region: Florida

Latitude: 29° 53' 14" N     Longitude: -82° 41' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


The Florida state Army NG is composed of approximately 12,000 militarys with an HQ at St Augustine at grid 2953'15"N 8118'35"W

Current units:
- 83 Troop Command with HQ and HHC (Tallahassee) provides command and control over designated units within Florida during peacetime.
-- 1st and 2nd battalions, 111th Aviation Regiment Cecil Field
-- SpecOps Det / Central Command
-- 3d battalion,20th Special Forces Grp (Camp Blanding)
-- 779 Eng battalion
-- 221st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team
-- 107th Mobile Public Affairs Det.
-- 44 and 48 Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team

- 53rd Inf Bde Combat Team (Pinellas Park)
-- 1-124th Infantry (South Florida)
-- 2-124th Infantry (Central Florida)
-- 1-153rd Cavalry (RSTA) (Panhandle of Florida)
-- 2-116th Field Artillery

- 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (Orlando)
-- 1-265th ADA (SHORAD)
-- 3-265th ADA (SHORAD)
-- 254th Transportation Battalion with HHD and 4 companies
-- 3-116th Field Artillery (HIMARS)

- 50th regional Suppt Group (Homestead)
-- 927th Combat Service Support Battalion with 6 companies (Camp Blanding)

- 32d Army Air & Missile Defense - Det 1
- 211th Infantry Regiment (Regional Training Institute, that offers the State OCS program)
- 260th Military Intelligence Battalion
- 146th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
- 13th Army Band

- Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (Starke)

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