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9. NIKE Virginia area

Last modified: 27 Apr 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: VA

Latitude: 37° 5' 26" N     Longitude: -77° 42' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Nike AD system Virginia area consisted of these missile sites:
Norfolk Defense Area (N): Hq facilities were located at Fort Monroe, Ballantine School in Norfolk, Reedsville/South Norfolk, Craddock Branch/Portsmouth and Newport News. The largest naval complex received an extensive air defense network.
Sites N-25, N-52, and N-85 were modernized to Nike Hercules. Site N-63 held the distinction of being the last to operate Nike Ajax, being deactivated in November 1964. Both Regular Army and Virginia Army NG units manned up the sites.
An Air-Defense Command Post (ADCP) was established at Cape Charles AFS, VA for Nike missile command-and-control. The site was equipped with the AN/GSG-5(V) BIRDIE solid-state computer system and later integrated with the USAF Air Defense Command/NORAD Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) air defense radar network.

  1. N-02 Foxhill. IFC at 37 05 27N 76 18 00W, LA at 37 5'25"N 7617'13"W
  2. N-25/29 Ocean View (double site). IFC at 3655'49"N 76 1'28"W (now USAR 159th Transportation Grp) LA at 3655'24"N 761'5"W. (now USMC/Amphibious Recon Training). No signs of a 2d site.
  3. N-36 Kempsville. IFC at 36 47 12N 76 08 35W, LA at 3647'14"N 76 7'47"W
  4. N-52 Portsmouth/DeepCreek. IFC at 3641'57"N 7620'43"W, LA at 3641'24"N 7620'25"W (now Police Training Center)
  5. N-55DC Hampton Roads Army Terminal. Overbuilt. No traces left
  6. N-63 Nansement. IFC at 36 51 06N 076 27 58W (now Army Reserve), LA at 36 51 01N 76 28 48W No traces left.
  7. N-75/79 Smithfield (double site). IFC at 76 33 40W 36 58 29N, LA at 3657'44"N 7633'49"W No signs of 2d site
  8. N-85 Denbigh. IFC at 37 8′ 24″ N, 76 29′ 57″ W, LA at 37 8′ 1″ N, 76 30′ 19″ W no traces left.
  9. N-93 Hampton. IFC at 37 3′ 8″ N, 76 23′ 17″ W (Army National Guard), LA at 37 3′ 34″ N, 76 23′ 44″ W

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