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San Giovanni Teatino

Last modified: 27 Sep 2013, submitted by: Joker

Country: Italy    Region: Chieti

Latitude: 42° 25' 9" N     Longitude: 14° 12' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: 133 SRR EW radar


San Giovanni Teatino. 133 Squadriglia Radar Remota (Remote Radar Head) providing the Control Room of Air Defence Centre, information regarding the conditions of airspace in their jurisdiction. It guarantees ground-ground and ground-air-ground communication as well as the complementary activity of human resources management.

The operating configuration at the San Giovanni Teatino site consisted of an AN/FPS-8, an AN/FPS-89 which have been replaced by a 3D LR NATO AN/FPS-117 in 1995. In June 1998 the 133 SRR was formed by hierarchy of 22nd GRAM in Licola (Napoli) and of the Air Space Brigade.

NATO data about FPS-117

133 SRR web

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