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Punta Brava SIGINT

Last modified: 02 Nov 2012

Country: Cuba    Region: Havana

Latitude: 23° 0' 17" N     Longitude: -84° 30' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


The former Lourdes SIGINT station located near Havana, Cuba.
This used to be,the largest facility of its kind operated by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service or FIS, outside of Russia.
Its location was less than 100 miles from Key West.
Construction began in 1962 and the station was ops until 2001.
In 2002, all station facilities were shut down, the buildings were abandoned and later reconstructed for the University of Information Science.
During the Cold War, the facility was manned up by 1000 KGB, GRU and Cuban DGI technicians, engineers and intel operators.

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