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Last modified: 10 Jan 2021

Country: Russia    Region: Syria

Locale: .

Latitude: 34° 48' 6" N     Longitude: 38° 59' 48" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


.Deployment of Russian military forces started 30 September 2015 and is still valid at present day (December 2019).
The ongoing support to the Syrian government comprised
Pro-government forces increasing controlled territory four-fold from 19,000 sq km to 78,000 sq km
Major pro-government strategic gains across Syria
A Russian force partially withdrawal in mid-March 2016
Russian Air Force in indefinite deployment with air-strikes to continue post-withdrawal
Detachments of Russian Military Police patrol conducting internal security operations in support of Syrian government
Russian special forces are still active in Syria (especially in Idlib) providing training and support attacks on the rebels as of September 2019.
In response to Turkey launching Operation Peace Spring, Syrian Army supported by Russian forces enter Manbij, Al-Thawrah, Raqqa, Ain Issa, Tell Tamer and Kobani as of October 2019 after a deal is reached with the SDF
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Russian Air Force deployed:
Russian air force untis are operating in a single composite task force using Khmeimin airbase at grid 3524'24"N 3557'2"E as main ops base but its aircraft may also be deployed at multiple Syrian airbases or - in case of longrange bombing ops - directly from the Russian bases.
The Syrian taskforce consists of strategic as well as tactical bombers; strike; fighter/interceptor as well as reconnaissance aircraft..

Equipment deployed
14x Tu-22M3 (NATO: Backfire)
3x Tu-95MSM (NATO: Bear H)
8x Tu-160M (NATO: Blackjack)
14x Su-24M2 (NATO: Fencer D)
6x Su-34 (NATO: Fullback)
4x Su-25 SM (NATO: Frogfoot)
4x SU-27SM (NATO: Flanker B)
4x Su-30SM (NATO: Flanker C)
4x Su-35S (NATO: Flanker E)
4x MiG-29SMT (NATO: Fulcrum)
4x Su-57 (NATO: Felon)
4x MiG-31BM (NATO: Foxhound)
5x A-50U (NATO: Mainstay)
2x Il-20M1 (NATO: Coot)
2x Tu-214R

Casualties / losses:
February 2018 a Russian Su-25 was shot down over Idlib by rebel MANPADS. The pilot, Roman Filipov, ejected safely but killed himself with a grenade to avoid capture

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