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GRND Madrid

Last modified: 17 Feb 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Spain    Region: .

Latitude: 40° 25' 14" N     Longitude: -4° 18' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: Terrestrial Forces Hq


40°25'15"N 3°41'40"W Madrid
- Terrestrial Forces Hq
-- Army General Staff ; Supporting Directorates; Personnel Cmd A 4 star general command
-- Logistic Support Cmd with Supply Depot and Center for Logistics Materiel and Maintenance Depot and Center for Armored Systems No. 1
- Infantry Regiment "Inmemorial del Rey" No. 1. responsible for providing the central seat of army headquarters' security, services and support
- Comms Information Systems Command a 2 star general command

40°26'13"N 3°36'54"W Acuartelamiento San Cristóbal
- Transport Group No. 1
- Medical Log Suppt Unit

40°23'32"N 3°46'44"W Acuartelamiento Alfonso X
- Army Geographical Center,

40°25'58"N 3°43'19"W
- Military History and Culture Institute

40°33'24"N 3°42'8"W Base El Goloso
- Infantry Brigade "Guadarrama" XII
-- Headquarters Battalion ; -- Infantry Regiment "Asturias" No. 31 ; -- Armored Regiment "Alcázar de Toledo" No. 61 ; -- Sapper Battalion XII

40°30'48"N 3°40'51"W Acuartelamiento de Artillería de Fuencarral
- Anti-aircraft Artillery Command ; -- Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 71 with
-- Airdefence Grp I/71 operating Mistral surface-to-air missiles and
-- Airdef Grp I/72 operating Oerlikon 35/90 Guns and Skyguard Aspide and NASAMS missiles

40°25'45"N 3°42'43"W
- Escuela de Guerra del Ejército

40°26'43"N 3°41'19"W
- Escuela Politécnica Superior del Ejército (ESPOL) Army Polytechnical School

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