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A note about the Spanish armed forces

Last modified: 18 Feb 2021

Country: Spain   

Latitude: 40° 45' 57" N     Longitude: -5° 50' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


40.45587°N 3.69077°W Madrid
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The Ministry of Defence is the administrative and executive body of the Spanish Armed Forces. It consists of
- the Minister of Defence, a Cabinet member who depends directly from the Prime Minister
and the subordinate principal departments:
– the Chief of the Defence Staff
– the Chief of Staff of the Air Force
– the Chief of Staff of the Army
– the Chief of Staff of the Navy

AIR force
- Hq Spanish Air Force Madrid
Its personnel strength (2020) is appx 21.500 military operating a Combat Air Cmd; a General Air Cmd; Canary Islands Air Cmd; Logistic Support Cmd; Personnel Cmd and an Economic Diratorate. The air force is operating:
-- EF 2000 Typhoon and McDonnell F-18A Hornet in airdefence role and Northrop F-5M Freedom Fighter and Airbus Aviojet in advanced training role
-- Lockheed P3 Orion and Airbus CN-235 in maritime patrol role; Airbus C-295, Beechcraft C-90, Dassault Falcon 900, Airbus A-310 and 400 and Lockheed C-130 Hercules all in airlift role; Cessna Citation in aerial photographic role; Enaer Pillan, Beechcraft Bonanza in flight training role; Bombardier CL-215T/415 in aerial firefighting role; MQ-9 Predator in recon/attack role; Sikorsky S-76, Airbus NH90, EC-120 and AS-332 helicopters

GRND Ground forces
Its personnel strength (2020) is appx 74.000 military operating a General Staff; High Readiness Force; 2 Divisions; SpecOps Cmd; Mountain Inf Cmd; Maneuver Support Cmd; Field Artillery Cmd; Anti Aircraft Artillery Cmd; Engineer Cmd; Signal Cmd; Canary Islands Cmd; Ceuta Cmd; Melilla Cmd; Balearic Cmd and a Support Force with several Training, Admin and Logistic Commands and also an Army Aviation Command operating Chinook HT-17; HA-28 Tigre; HE-26; HT-27; HU-21 and NH90 helicopters
- Hq Spanish Ground Forces Madrid

NAVal forces
Its personnel strength (2020) is appx 20.300 military operating shore installations, a fleet and a naval aviation
- Hq Spanish Navy Madrid
Main naval bases:
- Naval Station of Rota, Arsenal de Ferrol, Arsenal de Cartagena, Mahón Naval Station, Arsenal de las Palmas, Arsenal de la Carraca and Naval Military School of Marín

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