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Luftwaffe Leipheim

Last modified: 19 Sep 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Bav

Latitude: 48° 26' 26" N     Longitude: 10° 13' 56" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Leipheim airbase. Luftwaffe Nazi fliegerhorst, opened 1937 until 1945. In July 1942 the worlds first operational jetfighter the ME-262 had been flown from this base. Historical footage

During Cold War: German Air Force / US Army / USAFE.
Installations:Railway track from Günzburg station to the N part of the airfield.

US Army/USAFE operations:
1945-1951: Refugee camp
1951-1959: US Army units based at the airfield
1953-1956: Converted into airbase
1957: TDY of USAFE unit with F-86D Sabres
1977: TDY US Army unit with OV-10 Bronco's from Stuttgart
1980-1992: USAFE Det 2/81st TacFtrWing with A-10's

1960-61 JagdGeschwader 75
since 1961: G-91 maintenance unit
1962: AG 53 with G-91R3 relocated from Erding to Leipheim
1965: AG 53 reroled to LeKG 44
1975: LeKG 44 disbanded
1977: TDY LeKG 41 from Husum
1978: TDY HFlSt 201, FFS Wunstorf, WS 50
1978: G-91 maintenance unit disbanded, set up of TGr 31 to take over new Alpha Jets
1980: TDY JagdbomberGeschwader 49 from Fürstenfeldbruck
Until early 1990s: Home of JaboG 44 with Alpha Jets
Base closed 1994

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