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Last modified: 21 Mar 2012, submitted by: Joker

Country: India    Region: Maharashtra

Latitude: 21° 13' 26" N     Longitude: 79° 13' 6" E

Area use / Military Branches: HQ Bde of Guards Inf Regt


Guards have made a special name for themselves in the Indian Army, by their combat record and excellence in almost all fields of war and peace. Mechanisation of these infantry battalions is likely to be completed, as only 4 battalions were left in March 1999. The mechanised battalions of the regiment have already acquired BMP-2 ICVs, anti-tank guided missile launchers and other equipment utilised in mechanized forces. The 19 Guards operates anti-tank guided missiles, while four other battalions operate in the Recce & Support role. These 4 fight right on the border as frontal support units to the main battalions.
Units: 1st .. 19th Guards Btn.

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