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GRND Samos

Last modified: 08 Mar 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Greece   

Latitude: 37° 46' 23" N     Longitude: 26° 50' 58" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


SamosIsland garrison.
- 79th National Guard Command is the regional army brigade under Supreme Military Command of Interior and Islands (ASDEN) and responsible for the Samos regional defense and consists of:
- 79th NG Armored Battalion; 649th NG Inf Battalion; 239th and 298th NG Mechanized Battalions
- 164th and 79th NG Artillery Battalions and 79th NG Airdef Battalion
- 79th NG Engineers; 79th Medical Battalion and NG Suppt Battalion
-- Anti Τank Signal Coy and Hq companies
- 2 Homeguard Battalions

The HAF remote radarhead is at grid 37 46' 23" N 26 50' 58" E

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