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AIR Buschberg / Steinmandl

Last modified: 29 Aug 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Austria    Region: Niederosterreich

Latitude: 48° 34' 37" N     Longitude: 16° 23' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Civil ATC, EW & AD radar


AustroControl operated general air traffic control radar at Buschberg; actually this is a combined facility. The AF remote search radar ORS STM is operational as of 1986 and located very near at Steinmandl at grid 4834'42"N 1624'37"E with a Selenia RAT-31S radar with 150kW emitting power covering appx 3500 km airspace. The secondary (SSR) radar operating on 2kW power interrogating IFF (1030/1090Mhz) and covering aircraft transponders in an airspace of appx 450 km.


LRU patch


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Bonner, | 20. May 2016 15:08

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I love these arcetlis. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

Precious, | 19. May 2016 09:44

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Hello there! I envy you! You lived in Boracay for 5 years?! I could only dream about having that kind of life, too hehe Yo28uve got a pretty interesting site And your kid Rinaldo is so cute! Thanks for linking this post on your site.Are you using Zemanta for your related links? I can’t seem to make it work here

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Good for Anush! She's a real The!ublinam!! The Thumb Thumb series is a hit around here...he esp loves the Mirror one and Tail one too!

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