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Dan Shui

Last modified: 08 Feb 2012, submitted by: Joker

Country: Taiwan   

Latitude: 25° 14' 4" N     Longitude: 121° 27' 3" E

Area use / Military Branches: TK-II missile site


TK-II flight control radar at 2514'02"N 12129'29"E
The Sky Bow II (TK-2) (天弓二, Tien Kung II) is a SAM system developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology using X-Band active-radar with long range and limited anti-missile capability. The TK-2 active radar seeker operates in the 8-12 GHz frequency range and provides reasonably good performance against air-breathing targets of typical aircraft size. The X-Band active radar seeker used on the TK-2 SAM system was developed from licensed radar technology that CSIST purchased from the US.

Primary Function: Surface-to-air missile
Power Plant: Single stage dual thrust solid fuel rocket motor
Launch platform: Underground silos
Length: 5.673 m, Diameter: 0.42 m, Weight: 1,135 kg, Top Speed: Mach 4.5, Warhead: 90 kg, Range: 200 km
Guidance: Inertial with mid-course guidance update from ground-based phased array radar, Active radar homing (ARH) for terminal guidance
Date Deployed: 1999

TK-II msl sytem web:

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