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PRT Ghazni

Last modified: 14 Nov 2011

Country: Afghanistan    Region: Ghazni

Latitude: 33° 30' 23" N     Longitude: 68° 24' 42" E

Area use / Military Branches: US/NATO ISAF


Provincial Reconstruction Team Ghazni is located at the Forward Ops Base Ghazni and started January 2004, integrating efforts of the Afghan government, the non-governmental organization community and the coalition as well as setting conditions to enhance security and bring a wide variety of programs and initiatives aimed at enabling and assisting Afghans realize their vision of building a stable, self-sufficient nation.

Early 2004 FOB Ghazni hosted an infantry batn commanded by a LtCol and a PRT commanded by another LtCol, working closely together. The battalion sends squads out in the villages where they get to know the village elders, the terrain and who normally is in these villages and who is not.

The result was increasing information coming in through the infantry resulting in a much larger number of weapons caches, being identified and destroyed. In Ghazni the FOB/PRT combination improved security in a very difficult province.


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