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FOB Armadillo

Last modified: 14 Nov 2011

Country: Afghanistan    Region: Helmand

Latitude: 31° 59' 42" N     Longitude: 64° 50' 20" E

Area use / Military Branches: NATO/ISAF


Forward Ops Base Armadillo was a military base located near Gereshk in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. It was occupied by ISAF forces from Britain and Denmark as part of Task Force Helmand during the War in Afghanistan (2001–present). The armadillo was the mascot of a Danish company commander, who was killed a few weeks before the base was first established.

It was one of 3 small FOBs used by British and Danish forces around Gereshk (the others are FOB Sandford and FOB Keenan) in addition to their headquarters at FOB Price. The closing and disassembling of Armadillo started in December 2010. The last troops and equipment left in late January 2011. The units stationed there were relocated to other bases around Gereshk.

Danish troops use small hand launched RQ-11 Raven drone to relay video footage of the area and call in air strikes or 105mm artillery from supporting bases. It also show mortar fire mission from the base. The Danish troops interact with the local population and perform foot patrols supported by Piranha armoured fighting vehicles.

Armadillo: a Danish documentary of the same name released in 2010, followed a group of Danish soldiers from the Guard Hussars stationed at the base.


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