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MoD Corsham

Last modified: 16 Jul 2017, submitted by: Cracker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Wiltshire

Latitude: 51° 25' 5" N     Longitude: -3° 46' 45" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


5125'5.57"N 213'14.05"W MoD Corsham. A large stone quarry which was converted by the air ministry during WW2, the quarry housed the world's largest underground factory. Later it became Royal Navy stores and part of the factory was converted in the government's emergency relocation site in the event of nuclear attack. The northern area of Spring Quarry was chosen as the wartime seat of power in case of nuclear war, this area became known as the Hawthorn Central Government War Headquarters. Hawthorn was later known by such names as 'Burlington' and more recently 'Site 3', it is still secured and owned by MOD but most of the underground area is now abandoned.

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