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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina   

Latitude: 44° 26' 26" N     Longitude: 18° 40' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Camp Comanche


Camp Comanche a.k.a. Comanche AAF a.k.a. Comanche Base located at former Tuzla West Airpt. (LQTZ).
Former SFOR HQ Multinational Task Force North.
Camp started january 1995 with site survey as security for the site had not yet been assured.
Initial site chosen for a 2,200-soldier camp (later revised to 1,700-soldier camp) was an open field adjacent to the airstrip, a macadam surface approximately 6,500 feet in length and 50 feet in width with unprepared grass shoulders.
4th Aviation Bde wanted to use the entire airstrip for air ops.
While large enough for the camp, the initial open site had clay soil with a very high water table that engineers said would require about 60 days of site preparation, including mine clearing, before beginning camp construction.

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