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3. ARMY / Chatham comms facility

Last modified: 15 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: N Carolina

Latitude: 35° 46' 59" N     Longitude: -80° 55' 32" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


3546'57"N 79 4'26"W Chatham. Underground US Army/AT&T Autovon comms network facility beaming up north to Spears Mtn. Virginia
This site a.k.a. Big Hole came online in the mid 1960s and was described by residents and persons employed in the construction of the site as being "department-store sized" with walls "several feet thick" covered in copper, buried 30 feet underground on large shock-absorbing springs, constructed with plumbing made out of rubber and outfitted with tropospheric scatter antennas.
The site is located on 191 acres of company-owned land surrounded with fencing, CCTV cameras and steel crash barriers and has been ugraded from 2008-2010.

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