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USN La Maddalena

Last modified: 17 Oct 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Italy   

Latitude: 41° 11' 39" N     Longitude: 9° 25' 17" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


La Maddalena former US Navy base.
- NAVal SUPPort ACTivity (1973 - 2008). The base was on the island of Santo Stefano and hosted an Italian Navy barracks and served as the home port for US Navy Submarine Sq 22 and submarine tenders over the years, NAVSUPPACT closed in 2008 ending the 35 year US presence in La Maddalena. In 2003 the submarine USS Hartford ran aground with sufficient force to substantially damage rudders, sonar and electronics.

former units based
Southern European Broadcasting Service
USN Support Office, La Maddalena
NIS Resident Agent
USN Branch Medical Clinic,
Personnel Support Activity Det, La Maddalena
Commander, Task Group 69.7 (Submarine Refit Training Grp)
Submarine Squadron 22

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