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NAV Kato Souli

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Country: Greece   

Latitude: 38° 9' 16" N     Longitude: 24° 1' 40" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Kato Souli
- Hellenic Navy Communications Station

- US Naval Communications Stn (NAVCOMSTA) Greece (1965-1990) was located at 2 sites. Kato Souli hosted the RX site and nearby Nea Makri site at lat/long 38 08'37" N 2357'14" E was the TX site.

NAVCOMSTA Greece was established 1965 and used for Ship-Shore comms in the area from submarines and occasionally aircraft, initiated contact and transmitted messages for onward relay and ultimate delivery to US and NATO commands worldwide. Ship-Shore Comms were either in the form of CW (morse code) or RTTY radio teletype. Routine unclass messages passed in plain language. Classified messages were transmitted over the CW circuits as well and were encrypted into random characters organized in 5-letter groups. The CW section was fitted with a bank of receivers, typewriters, telegraph keys and switches to select receiving antennas as well as appropriate off-site transmitters located at Kato Souli, a few miles away.
NAVCOMSTA Greece closed and disbanded 1990 and was taken over by the Greek navy.
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