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AT Camp de Coëtquidan

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Country: France    Region: Bretagne

Latitude: 47° 56' 42" N     Longitude: -3° 51' 19" E

Area use / Military Branches: AT-LE Military academy


École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr. One of the most important military academies in France.Founded by Napoleon in 1802. Until 1808 all lessons took place at Fontainebleau after which the institute was reassigned to Saint Cyr, one of Paris suburbs. In 1945 the institute - keeping its name of St-Cyr - was reassigned again to its actual location; Camp de Coëtquidan, Bretagne.

All French Armee de Terre (Army) and Legion Etrangere (Foreign Legion) future officers must comply with the institutes heavy physical and mental training program before earning the rank of Cadet Sergeant and Cadet Ensign. After 5 years of service in an operational combat unit as a Sub Lieutenant and Lieutenant they may choose to be career officers or leave the Army or foreign Legion.

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