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Tanjung Gul Camp

Last modified: 31 May 2011, submitted by: Joker

Country: Singapore   

Latitude: 1° 17' 53" N     Longitude: 103° 39' 43" E

Area use / Military Branches: 5 SIB


Tanjung Gul Camp;home of 5th Singapore Infantry Bde
5 SIB was the first NS Infantry Brigade established to take on soldiers who had completed their full-time National Service. It was formed in Tanjung Gul Camp in 1969 and came under Area 3 Command (later, HQ 3 Division). Subsequently, in 1977, it was transferred under the command of HQ 6 DIV until 1995. With the reorganisation of unit affiliations under the Division Family System, HQ 5 SIB was integrated into 3 DIV Combine Arms Division.
Over the last 31 years of its service to the nation, HQ 5 SIB has achieved several firsts. In 1978, it was the 1st NS unit to participate in overseas training, Exercise FLYING CHARIOT (New Zealand).
In 1982, it became the 1st NS Bde to formalize the SAF Mobilisation System. HQ 5 SIB has established itself as a highly dependable force, seamlessly integrating new NS units into its fold at regular intervals.
As part of its self-renewal process, HQ 5 SIB participated in several key local and overseas exercises, some of which with full-scale troops. Given its wide experience, it was of no surprise that HQ 5 SIB was tasked to spearhead the NDP 2000 EXCO Committee (Infrastructure and Decorations Committee), which it successfully completed.

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