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Nee Soon Camp

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Country: Singapore   

Latitude: 1° 24' 33" N     Longitude: 103° 48' 50" E

Area use / Military Branches: 2 PDF / 22 SIB; HQ 3 SIB


Nee Soon Camp; home of:
- 2nd Peoples Defence Force 22nd Singapore Infantry Brigade
- HQ 3 Singapore Infantry Brigade

Formerly known as HQ 2 PDF Bde Gp, HQ 22 SIB was founded in the early 80s and based in Beach Road Camp. The brigade was placed under 2 PDF when HQ PDF split to form HQ 1 PDF and HQ 2 PDF Command in 1985; renamed in 1990 as HQ 22 SIB and relocated to its present home at Nee Soon Camp.

3rd SIB was established in 1969 and was the second infantry brigade to be formed. 3rd SIB was in command of three battalions: 2 SIR, 5 SIR and 6 SIR. The first two units were formed back in 1963 and 1968. In 1991, part of the School of Basic Military Training (SBMT) at Nee Soon Camp came under the command of Temasek and was renamed 3 BTS.CCO Nee Soon was also brought under the command of Temasek Brigade. In an effort to forge closer ties between the schools and the army, the National Cadet Corps (West Zone) became affiliated to the brigade. Under the reorganised division, 6 SIR was no longer placed under the command of the Brigade. In its place is 187 SIR, an operationally ready national service unit. 648 SIR has since replaced 187 SIR as the third Btn of the Brigade.

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